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 Kate is the author of The Million-Dollar Parent: How To Have a Successful Career While Keeping Your Family a Top Priority. You can buy this book at


THE INTRODUCTION from The Million-Dollar Parent:

Many people believe it’s not possible to have a successful career while keeping family a top priority. They complain…“I have to work ten to twelve hours a day. I’ll never be home before six. I’m working hard now so I can spend more time with my kids later in life. I have a house to pay for. After I get out of this credit card debt, I can work less and spend more time with my family.”

I’ve heard it all. By reading this book, you’ll learn that you can—most definitely, absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt—have a successful career and a fulfilling life, all while keeping your family a top priority.

Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of working all day at a job you hate just to pay your mortgage and credit card bills? Meanwhile, you come home exhausted and stressed with very little energy left to give your family. Does this sound familiar? I know this feeling because I have been there. I’ve been in direct sales for more than 18 years—earning 100 percent commission to pay my bills.

When you survive on commissions, bonuses and stock options, it’s easy to get in the habit of working 12, 14—even 16-hour days chasing the next sale. Up until my daughter was born, I clocked more than 85 hours a week selling and managing! I had to figure out how to maintain my income by reducing my hours from 85 per week to 20 hours (or less). Believe it or not, that was my best year ever in sales, and I had the highest income the first year I reduced my hours. Would you like to make the most money ever by cutting your hours into a fraction of what you are working now? This book will show you how!

Do you think having more money will mean all your problems will be solved? If I just had more money, I could buy my dream home. If I just had more money, I wouldn’t have credit card debt. If I just had more money, I could buy my spouse and kids nicer things. I know from my own pitfalls with money what a crippling mentality this is. People in million-dollar homes don’t have less stress in their lives than families in starter homes. In fact, many millionaires have more stress because they have to work even harder to keep up with the expensive homes and cars they buy.

This book is not about making a million dollars. This book is about million-dollar values and million-dollar decisions. Most importantly, this book is about having a million-dollar family. If you can raise the bar well above average and find the determination inside you to make the necessary changes to keep your family a priority at all times, then you will win the lottery of life!

When you look back at your life 20 years from now, what do you want to see? Do you want to see that you spent all day at a job you hated to pay for a fancy home you really didn’t need? What do you want your children to say about you in 20 years? Do you want to hear them say you made them your top priority and gave them adequate time and attention—or that you were so focused on your career that they always felt they’d been pushed to the back burner? After you pass away, what do you want people to remember about you? Do you want to be remembered as just an average person with a dead-end job who raised average children? A person who rarely volunteered time to help people in need, who never traveled the world or saw any of your dreams in life come true? Or do you want to be remembered for creating your own destiny? A person who defied the odds, raised fantastic children, fought for people in need, traveled the world, took risks, and was a dream-seeker with a gargantuan heart? You decide.

Do you believe you simply can’t change your life or create your own destiny? Are you skeptical about self-improvement books? During my childhood, I had a severe reading problem. I hated all books. School was a tremendous challenge for me because so much reading was involved I struggled to keep up. Having grown up the child of an alcoholic and a family swimming in debt, I repeated in my twenties what I’d seen in my home; I dated alcoholics and fell into debt up to my eyeballs. It wasn’t until I was 30 years old that I walked into a bookstore and decided it was time to change my life. I could no longer manage life on my own, and I knew I needed education, support and guidance. I spent 400 dollars on books (using a credit card, of course) with topics such as personal finance, relationships, spiritual growth and health. I stumbled through these books painfully and slowly, but I did finish them. I have not had a penny of credit card debt in more than eight years. Finding a love for books and reading made a powerful impact on my life, and led me to create a website,, to help others build a library of self-improvement books as well. My advice to you: Take one tip from this book and put it into practice immediately. It could change your life forever!

My concerns about parenting began long before I had children of my own. While selling educational books door-to-door for ten years, I sat down with more than 10,000 families and observed parent-child relationships from the back roads of Kentucky to the immaculate neighborhoods of Princeton, New Jersey. I was dumbfounded by the level of disrespect I found many parents had for their children. Between 2007 and 2009, I pulled three drowning toddlers out of our community swimming pool. The children had been left there, unattended, by their parents. Also, I was a key witness to a young boy being beaten by his father on the side of the highway in broad daylight. Not long after, I witnessed two young children jump out of their mother’s SUV as it rolled across the highway and crashed into a hotel. The mother left the car running while she dashed into the restaurant where I was eating. In March of 2008, I enrolled my daughter in an acclaimed preschool that was shut down less than four months later because the school director received over 14 infractions by Child Protective Services. In March of 2009, I witnessed my daughter being punched in the face at a playground by a four-year-old who’d been left unattended for two hours while his father played in a soccer match a half-mile away.

I have interviewed dozens of teachers, doctors, counselors, police officers and other professionals. The response is unanimous: We face a parenting crisis of great proportions. Family values, parenting, children’s behavior, family finances, love and respect in marriage and health and nutrition are not getting better—they are getting worse. But that doesn’t mean you and your family have to be another statistic. I challenge you to beat the odds. I challenge you to be the best. I challenge you to change. It won’t always be easy, but it can be done. It must be done. I ask you to join me in the quest to end the parenting crisis, to give your children adequate time and attention, to raise them and send them off into the world as respectful, healthy, confident and well-adjusted adults. It is not easy. I live it and fight it every day. We must continually educate ourselves and support each other. We’re all in this together. Are you ready to join me?


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