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  1. Your readers might be interested in my blog:

    Thank you for raising an important issue, i.e., maternity leave.

    Ann F. Cowlin, MA, CSM, CCE
    founder/director, Dancing Thru Pregnancy®, Inc.
    executive director, Women’s Health Fitness Institute
    movement specialist, Yale University Athletic Department
    author, Women and Exercise, in Varney’s Midwifery (Jones & Bartlett, 2003; new edition in press)
    author, Women’s Fitness Program Development (Human Kinetics, 2002)
    author, Pregnancy and Exercise, in Sports Nutrition (ADA, 2005)
    expert consultant, U.S.Army Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Training Program

  2. Dear Kate,

    Thank you so much for a very enlightning blog. I can really relate to your views, opinions and advice given.

    I believe we have so much in commen. I’m quite new at this blgging thing. Please be so kind and visit my blog at and be so kind to evaluate it and tell me what you think.

    I thank you dearly. Kind regards, Jean.

  3. Kate,
    I am considering a purchase from a company in Oklahoma called ‘Electric Car LLC’. They are advertising a product on “” they claim is eligible for a tax credit equal to the purchase price. Have you heard of this company? I’d appreciate any input from you as the deadline is approaching.


    Kate, I wish that you may have VISION, so you may be blessed with great success, prosperity, abundance and fulfilment in whatever you set your mind on, in this New Year of 2010.
    May your legacy be preserved and protected for now and forever.
    • What is your dream?
    • What do you imagine yourself doing?
    • What do you want to accomplish?

    The gift of VISION is greater than the gift of sight. Sight is a function of the eyes, but VISION is a function of the heart. The power of VISION is that your future is not just ahead of you – it also lies within you.

    Nothing noble or noteworthy on earth was ever done without vision. No invention, development, or great feat was ever accomplished without vision’s inspiring power.

    To Your Success!

    Jean Kruger, Managing Director
    legacytrust™ & trustfin™

  5. Kate,

    I took the bait and purchased one of these “cars” in December, but it has not been delivered. I have called and emailed about the status and all I get are cryptic responses like “waiting for routing numbers to be assigned”….and “we’re shipping cars daily”….and we “on the 800’s”….none of these mean anything to me or any other customer. Do you know of anyone that has actually received a vehicle?

    • I have not heard of anyone receiving their vehicle yet. I’m so sorry to hear about this. Let me know if/when you do receive your “car”.

  6. Kate,

    We have been dealing with this Drive Electric/Free Electric Car stuff for a few months on our golf cart forum. We have tried and tried to tell the guys that fell for the scam that it in fact WAS a scam but they refuse to acknowledge it. They just want the “free car” I really appreciate you doing this, I have thought since day one some of the people who have signed up on the forum and talked about their supposed carts are part of DE and they fail to produce evidence even after they say they took pics etc. Then they say “They dont know how to post them” We have even offered to post them and they ignore our request. These guys pop in at the most strangest times and its always when theres a question of the validity of DE or their carts in general. Now that I have read that they work out of multiple states I am sure they have people working for them getting on the forum and posting “good things” or defending DE. They took down free electric cars site and it redirects to just drive electric now and they took down their online store so no one can buy a cart online. Also, they DE’s liscense was suspended and are due to meet with the state of OK soon. Here is that link. (well, I would post the link but I dont want my post getting caught in spam filter) Feel free to email me if you want.

    Again, Thank you very much for this.

  7. Howdy Kate,
    Your sentiments in the “” post quite align with my experiences of being American in Sweden. As a father on Swedish paternity leave, I felt inclined to produce this interactive map showing parental leave around the world.
    Even after looking through the statistics in text for, the map clearly places the US as a “third world” parental-leave country.
    You may find it useful/interesting.


  8. Dear Kate,
    I am currently in the process of building a non-commercial website re child nutrition.
    While serfing the net I came accorss the picture of a boy sitting and eating in front
    of the TV on your website (here is the link:

    I will appreciate if you advice me whether I can use the pictures, and what are
    the terms of use. In case the picture was bought please advice where can I buy it.

    Thank you in advance for your kind reply,


    • Hi Amanda,
      I don’t remember excactly where I got this photo, but I usually use or
      and enter a search for “overweight child”. Stock photos are usually very inexpensive to buy. Good luck with your website!

  9. Hi Kate – Am doing some research on corporate book clubs and stumbled across your post from Jan. 2010 about Fatnoggin. Was stunned by the statistics you quoted in that post.

    25% of Americans have not read a single book since high school

    55% of Americans say they do not read as much as they used to because they are too busy with work

    Do you remember your source for these numbers?


    • Hi Andrew,
      I don’t remember exactly where I got that quote. A few years ago I did a lot of reasearch on reading, book sales, demographics who read the most/least, etc….just by doing a lot of Google searches. So you might start there. I also remember discovering that women read more than men and older people read more than younger people – if this helps you refine your target market. Good luck with your corporate book club! Kate

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