Posted by: kateraidt | May 14, 2010

Please use your voicemail!!

Due to the nature of my work, I make an abundance of outbound phone calls each week. What puzzles me is the amount of people I call and “interrupt” in the middle of something…then huff that they are in a situation that they cannot talk. What I want to say is, “Well then why the hell did you answer your phone and not let the call go to voicemail?”

Here are a few of my favorites from this past week:

“I can’t talk. I’m teaching a classroom of kids.”
“I can’t talk. I’m in a dentist’s chair.”
“I can’t talk. I’m driving and it’s dangerous.”
“I can’t talk. I’m in a swimming pool.”
“I can’t talk. I’m in the middle of a sales presentation.”
(…Well then why the hell are you answering your phone!?!?!?)

Are we so attached to technology and our phones that (gasp!) we dare not answer a call? Unless your wife is due to give birth, you have a loved-one in the hospital or you are expecting a call from George Clooney, there is no phone call that can’t wait 10 minutes or 2 hours to return. For the love of voicemail…give your students your undivided attention, keep your hands on the steering wheel, get your cavity filled, enjoy your time in the pool and close the sale – and tell the rest of the world to wait!


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