Posted by: kateraidt | March 18, 2010

Overcoming Rejection in Sales

I sold educational books door-to-door for 10 summers. I have been rejected by more people than everyone reading this blog – combined! My first 7 summers selling books I would walk to my car with my tail between my legs each time “Ms. Jones” said “I’m not interested”, “I don’t buy from peddlers” or “Do you have any literature?”

So I decided to start having a little fun with Ms. Jones instead of letting her fool with my emotions. Here is my new-and-improved, mega-advanced technique on handling rejection in sales:

Ms. Jones: I’m not interested
Me: (In the sweetest tone of voice I could muster) Your not interesting? It’s OK, you don’t have to be interesting. Betty across the street, poor thing, she’s not very interesting but she bought from me.

Ms. Jones: I don’t buy from peddlers
Me: Peddler? But I’m not riding a bicycle. My car is parked in your driveway!

Ms. Jones: Do you have any literature?
Me: Literature? Of course! In volume 2 we have Shakespeare and all of the other famous authors alphabetized!

We all know that these ridiculous objections people give us are just a polite way of saying “no”. It’s never cool to be rude or defiant to a prospective customer, but it’s perfectly OK to have a little fun with them – as long as you don’t get the cops called on yourself.


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