Posted by: kateraidt | March 2, 2010

My New Favorite Store = Best Bargains

I always thought that the best bargains were at the megastores Walmart or Target. Last year I hosted a Valentine’s Day party so I bought all of the party accessories at Target – table cloth, plates, napkins, crafts, coffee mugs, party favors, etc…I remember spending close to $100. Well, three doors down from Target a DOLLAR TREE just opened. I wandered in to check out the scene to find that every single item in there is really just a dollar. This year I found ALL of my Valentine’s Day party goods at the Dollar Tree. A pack of adorable Valentine’s day plates – $1. Coffee mugs – $1 a piece. Table cloth – $1. Construction paper, balloons, stickers, etc… – $1 each. I bought everything I needed for the party, plus some, for less than $15!

Warning: Just because a store has the word “dollar” in it’s name doesn’t mean everything is a dollar. Last month I was out of town and I realized I forgot my hairbrush. I ran into a Dollar General and bought a crappy hairbrush, bottled water, a bag of chips and two sticker books for my kids. My tab was $20. Not such a bargain. At the Dollar Tree the same items would have been $5. The Dollar General…Generally Not a Dollar!

So, if you can find a Dollar TREE in your neighborhood, shop there for your school supplies, holiday and seasonal knick knacks, balloons, kitchen ware, toys and inexpensive gifts. Why spend triple or quadruple the money at another store? I love a great bargain!


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