Posted by: kateraidt | January 25, 2010

The Princess and the Frog – a Good Movie For Kids?

After a good friend of mine took her kids to see Disney’s The Princess and the Frog and said, “It was soooo awesome. Your daughter will loooove it” – I thought How could you go wrong with a Disney, animated movie? Well, today I took my going-on-5-year-old daughter to the matinée and here’s my personal experience with The Princess and the Frog:

* It was laden with evil and violence. The bad guy (I forgot his name already) wore a skull and crossbones on his hat. After reading Tarot cards, he sucked the Prince into witchcraft/voodoo which turned him into a frog. Throughout the movie, demons chased the main characters. Towards the end (spoiler alert) the bad guy killed one of the main characters (a little firefly) by squashing him on the ground with his foot. There were  guns and knives and a voodoo doll to take down the main characters.

* The blonde, cutsie Princess had double D jugs. She repeatedly mentioned that she only wanted to marry the Prince for his money.

* The one saving grace of this movie is the fact that the heroine, Tiana, is African-American – and she makes her dreams come true through work ethics and moral character. But what will young children remember most about this film, the good-girl-wins-in-the-end message, or the 40+ minutes of violence?

My daughter is going on 5. She is inquisitive about everything. When she sees a movie like this, she asks me, “Why did that man just step on the firefly? Is he dead? Why is he sticking needles in the doll? Guns are bad. Why are they using guns? Why are they fighting?…” And I can’t get away with “I don’t know, honey.” Because she wants answers. And the question I want answered is why a movie tailored for children would be so overly peppered with voodoo, violence, demons, murder, weapons and self-obsession?

I would have been better off taking my daughter to see Avatar.



  1. wow that last statment says it all in the previews it didn’t look like it was going to be that suited for kids but i know what you mean with disney they should make a good movie they are moving to the opposite side more and more now….thanks for the heads up

  2. Hi Kate! I agree with you!! I took Alexia over Christmas and was expecting a nice sweet fairy tale. Boy, was I surprised… at least Alexia is already 8 and could handle most of it.. however, it did raise some questions in her head… I am just glad that I did not take my 3 year old.

    Hope you are well.. great blog by the way! 🙂

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