Posted by: kateraidt | January 25, 2010

Corporate Book Clubs – Get Your Employees Reading!

Do you want to improve company morale, increase sales or strengthen leadership? Did you know that 25% of Americans have not read a single book since high school? Did you know that 55% of Americans say they do not read as much as they used to because they are too busy with work? FatNoggin is helping change these statistics.

At, you can create a corporate book club, invite your employees or members AND buy all of your books at the same website. FatNoggin has over 2 million books across hundreds of genres to choose from.

PERKS: The person who creates a book club for their group is called the administrator. If any book club buys more than 10 copies of a particular book title, then the administrator gets his/her book club book for FREE. So, the better you promote your FatNoggin book club to your members, the higher the chances of getting all of your books for free!

A good book is the smallest investment with the greatest rewards. Get your employees reading today!


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