Posted by: kateraidt | January 20, 2010

You Know You’re a Cougar When…

I am 7 years older than my husband. So I guess that dubs me a cougar. But I never think about our age difference because we are on the same page with every aspect of our lives…until last weekend.

I was preparing to go jogging when I asked my husband, “Honey, have you seen my Walkman?”


“Daniel, have you seen my Walkman!?!”
“Your what?”
“My Walk…oh…er…I mean my iPod.”
“What’s a Walkman?”

Record scratch. And then it hit me. I am so much older than my husband. I felt like saying, “After my jog, I’m heading to the library to utilize the Dewey Decimal System for some research and then dashing to the mall to buy some twister beads and jelly shoes.”

“What’s the Dewey Decimal System?”

Ask a cougar!


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