Posted by: kateraidt | January 13, 2010

Funny Questions My Daughter Has Asked

I’m not sure what’s funnier…the questions my 4-year old daughter has asked recently, or the answers I give her. But here are just a few of the questions my daughter has asked recently: (she is a little obsessed with bodily functions and Jesus)

Mommy, my teacher says Jesus is in  my heart. Is he also in my elbow?

Mommy, can Jesus come over for a playdate?

How does the mermaid Ariel go potty? She doesn’t have a vagina!

How do people go potty when they are in Heaven? There aren’t any toilets!

At school, when we cough or sneeze, we have to cough into our arm. But what if someone doesn’t have any arms, where do they cough and sneeze?

When my baby doll dies, is she going to Heaven?


Mommy, you have a mad look on your face. Are you having your period?


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