Posted by: kateraidt | December 7, 2009

Driving While Talking on a Cell Phone: Why It’s Dangerous

This past weekend my husband, two small children and I were making a run to our local grocery store to load up on food for the week. We were in a double left turn lane at a major intersection – just yards from the entrance of the grocery store parking lot. The woman driver turning side-by-side to us barreled into our lane, running us off the road. My husband nailed the car horn, but the driver never braked, never slowed down – she continued on her merry way, clueless that she nearly caused a serious accident involving two small children.

We followed her into the parking lot and as the 45-ish woman was approaching the grocery store I said to her, “Ma’am, did you know that you just ran my family off the road?” Her cold, arrogant reply was, “Well, I was talking on my phone.” Yes, you’re right. It’s wasn’t an “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry” reply, it was a “My phone call was much more important than the safety of your piece of shit family” reply. My husband asked her, “So you were so distracted on your phone call that you didn’t even hear the car horn either?” Her next reply she exploded, “I GUESS IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER THAT YOU HAVE SAID SOMETHING!”

Here’s the deal: Yes, it’s dangerous to drive a car while talking on a cell phone – especially with children in the car. But the biggest danger are the people who don’t have a care in the world that their actions are dangerous. These are the people who are driving, texting, emailing , blogging, Tweeting while driving, and if they cause an accident, well bad luck to the people or families they injure or kill.

I’m shocked that a 45-year old woman would have such a disrespectful, arrogant and despicable reaction to someone simply warning her that she almost caused a serious accident. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time where driving while talking on a cell phone will be illegal nationwide.


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