Posted by: kateraidt | November 25, 2009

My 4-Year Old Saved the Family Dog

Conley and Sweet Pea (minus her head)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things this year – but one thing stands out from the crowd…my 4-year old daughter Conley. About 6 months ago we were getting ready for a party at our house. I lit some candles to mask my baby’s inevitable poopy diapers. I was upstairs getting ready when Conley shouted form downstairs, “Mommy, there’s fire in the kitchen!” I said, “I know honey. I’m burning a candle.” Conley said, “No mommy, there’s big fire!” I ran downstairs to find that a bag of chips had fallen over onto the candle and the entire bag was engulfed in flames. THANK YOU, CONLEY. You saved the house and everyone in it! Good job, honey!

Ironically, last week I lit another candle for guests who were coming over (the first candle since the bag of chips incident). Once again, Conley said, “Mommy, there’s fire on the table by the front door.” I ran to see. This candle had caved in and the wax/flame had migrated onto the table.

No more candles in our house. Hello, plug-ins.

Then today I loaded up the kids for our massive grocery run for Thanksgiving. We were exiting our neighborhood about 4 blocks from our house when Conley said, “Hey mommy, I just saw a dog that looks like Sweet Pea (our dog).” Sweet Pea is almost 18 years old, deaf and mostly blind. I have known her longer than my husband and two kids combined! When Conley said she saw a dog that looked like Sweet Pea my gut told me to turn around and check to be sure it wasn’t her. Sure enough, it was Sweet Pea! I have no idea how she wandered away from our house. If Conley hadn’t seen her when she did, Sweet Pea probably would have been long gone by the time we returned home 2 hours later. THANK YOU CONLEY FOR SAVING THE FAMILY DOG. THANK YOU GUT INSTINCT FOR TELLING ME TO TURN AROUND!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!


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