Posted by: kateraidt | October 23, 2009

3rd Grader With a $700 Cell Phone Bill?

textMessagingChildToday I was in the office of an elementary school following up with some old clients of mine. A mother came storming into the office with a pile of papers in her arms yelling, “I am so furious! I need to speak to the principal!” The mother slammed a 3-inch stack of papers on the counter and said, “Do you know what this is? These are all of the text messages my daughter sent while in class! I have a $700 bill this month because of my daughter’s text messaging!! How did the teacher not see this?!?! I cannot believe her teacher did not do something about this!!!!”  The teacher..the teacher…the teacher…

You know what I was thinking? I cannot believe a mother would allow a 3rd grader to have a friggin cell phone…taken to school…with unlimited text messaging!! It’s your own fault, beeootch!

Teachers have the hardest job on planet earth. Their job description already includes: inspiring our kids to learn and further their education, controlling chaos in the classroom, detecting drug use, abuse and weapons, handling unruly parents and managing misbehavior. So now we expect our teachers to manage our student’s cell phone and text messaging usage so mom doesn’t get  $700 phone bill? I DON’T THINK SO!

After this mother left, three kids were suspended for bringing razors to school.

I can’t wait til my daughter starts kindergarten…


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