Posted by: kateraidt | October 13, 2009

7 Great Uses For a Diaper (other than pee and poop)

I cannot tell you how many millions of times I have been caught in public without a spare diaper. I have never been a fan of lugging a diaper bag around town. So, to solve my dilemma, I have started to keep a spare diaper nestled at the bottom of my purse…just in case. But what I have discovered, is by having a diaper so easily accessible, it has come in handy for many other catastrophies other than pee and poop:

7. You are at a restaurant and your kid spills her drink (or you spill your beer), your diaper is the best damn napkin in the entire restaurant.

6. You get caught in a rain storm without an umbrella, just plop that diaper on your head, wrap the sticky things under your chin, and voila, you’ve got a rain hoody! (hey, it is water-proof)

5. Your husband is mouthing off about the house being dirty, the 10 pounds you need to lose…roll that diaper into a ball and shove it in his mouth (or up his ass).

4. Your oil light beeps in your car. You have to check the oil levels put can’t find a rag to wipe the oil stick clean. Use your diaper.

3. You go to your local swimming pool with the kids and forget to bring towels. Don’t worry. You can wipe everyone head-to-toe with your diaper. They are designed to absorb wetness!

2. You dash into Starbucks for your morning java, and this time it is way too hot. Whip out your diaper, wrap the sticky things around the cup, and you’ve got yourself a padded hot coffee protector-thingy-majig.

1. You are away from home when “the time of the month” kicks in and you have no feminine protection with you. Why not use the diaper?



  1. The beauty in this is that these tips work with cloth diapers too… as long as they are clean I guess! Although that certainly wouldn’t look as cool as a big paper diaper on your head in a rain storm.

  2. Just remember one very important thing — do NOT put the diaper back in the purse

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