Posted by: kateraidt | October 3, 2009

The Best Cold, Flu and Allergy Remedy

tangA few years ago my mom came to visit us. I was fighting some nasty cold, flu-ish, allergy thing. My mom said, “I know exactly what you need to feel 100 times better!” She whips out of her purse an orange/brownish concoction, dumps a few teaspoons into a cup of hot water and says, “DRINK”.

Within 20 minutes I felt like a whole new person.

What was this liquid crack my mom gave me? I call it Orange Medicine – but it’s actually TANG mixed with tea, cinnamon and cloves. (see recipie below)

My husband was the biggest naysayer about Orange Medicine…until he got sick. I had to strap him down and force it down his throat because he swore that it wouldn’t make him feel better. Whaddyaknow, not only did my husband feel a million times better, but now he drinks it weekly as a preventative treatment.

Why does Orange Medicine make cold, flu and allergy aches and pains feel so much better? TANG is high in vitamin C, and when it is heated and added to the tea and other ingredients-it just works!

In a coffee mug, heat water very hot. Then add:
2 heaping tablespoons of Tang
1 heaping tablespoon of unsweetened, decaffeinated tea
a dash of cinnamon
a dash of cloves

If you don’t have the cinnamon or cloves, it still works, so go for it!

This also makes a fun Holiday gift if you package it in a cute jar or container.




  1. hmmm. interesting
    i SOOOOO love ’emergen-C’
    this sounds cozy though…

    Cool. Thanks to You and Your Mom. Cheers!.

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