Posted by: kateraidt | October 1, 2009

The Best Way to Detect a Dirty Diaper

diaperHave you ever been in public, smelled a stinch, and wondered if it’s your child with the poopy diaper? For years, I have always tried to detect a dirty diaper the humane, eloquent way…by pushing on the back of their pants to feel for a boulder of poop. I missed the mark hundreds of times with this method. The mushy ones can’t be caught this way.

Then I graduated to a more sophisticated method of poop patrol…pulling the diaper out, staring into the chamber and trying to catch the poop with the human eye. Considering my kids always have poop jammed up their crack, I missed the mark on this method as well.

Then I finally figured out the absolute best, error-free, 100% accurate method…simply hold your child in the air, stick your nose in his butt and take a big whiff. You’ll never miss.

Warning: Never try this after a meal. You might lose it.



  1. Second warning: give it a little time before the sniff test. Otherwise, if they happen to have a delayed second serving, one might end up with MORE makeup than was bargained for! Especially true with those cute little dress-n-bloomers sets.

    Thanks for the laugh – Beth

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