Posted by: kateraidt | September 30, 2009

PARENT OF THE YEAR – Nominate Someone Today!

parent of the yearThere is no job on planet Earth that is more important than the job of a parent. Sadly, parents are the most under-appreciated, under-recognized and under-respected people around us. It’s time to regognize and reward the best parents you know. Please send me a story of any Mother or Father who you feel has gone above the call of duty. Nominate yourself if you wish. I won’t tell.

I will put all of the nominations in a hat and draw 3 names. All 3 winners will get to select a book of their choice from AND receive a signed copy of my book, The Million-Dollar Parent. They will also receive a FREE FatNoggin t-shirt. FREE CLOTHES IN A DOWN ECONOMY – Whew HOO!

Deadline ends Friday October 16th.

Share with your friends! Thanks for sending me your stories!



  1. I nominate my friend Dori. She’s a mother of 4 girls. She’s been taking Montessori classes and acing them while home-schooling 4 kids. Not sure how she does it but I’m very proud of her. She’s sweet and kind and has a huge generous heart. So…she gets my nomination 🙂

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