Posted by: kateraidt | September 29, 2009

Our Big Fat German Baptism

So you think a Greek wedding is big and fat? Wait until you try a German Baptism. My son Bodie was Baptised in my husband’s hometown church in Wurmlingen, Germany on August 22nd. Here is a breakdown of the 14-hour event:

9am: We met 15 of our German relatives at the church

10am-11am: Baptism was one hour long. Bodie didn’t make a peep – a miracle in itself.

11am-2pm: After party/lunch at Rissiberg – a family owned retaurant at the top of the mountain.

3pm-7pm: After-after party at Oma’s house with German cake, champagne and lots of singing.

7pm: Man of the Hour goes to bed

7pm-11pm: The after-after-after party with German beer, bratwurst, potato salad and pretzels.

11pm: Last person stumbles home.



  1. Great !

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