Posted by: kateraidt | September 26, 2009

Taking Out THE TRASH!

football fansToday my husband and I were fortunate to go to the University of Texas football game (Thanks Barry. GO HORNS!). The game was approaching halftime when I heard a verbal showdown behind me. On the row behind me and about 6 seats over, an overweight, white-trash man was verbally assaulting the guy who was selling drinks to the fans: the kind of language that completely destroys a person’s self-worth. Apparently, The Trash blew his lid because the drink guy stood in front of him while handing drinks to a customer. I found this man’s behavior appalling.

About 10 mintes later, I saw the drink guy again. I said, “Sir, can you come here for a second. I don’t know the guy who was just speaking to you, but I wanted to say that I am so sorry that he treated you so disrespecfully. Don’t let that idiot bother you. I appreciate your hard work.”

In the middle of our conversation The Trash started screaming at us billigerantly. Second strike. I ignored him.

About 20 mintes later, I hear the guy verbally assaulting another person. This time it was an African-American guy. Third strike. My inner monster came roaring out. I stood up on the bleachers and screamed like a crazy woman at this man. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was pretty similar to Serena Williams’ explosion at the US Open recently. YIKES!

Security was called. The man left. Once the fans in our area started chatting about this man, I learned that The Trash has been coming to the UT football games for 20 years. He behaves this way week after week. Why did more people not stand up to this guy? For 20 years The Trash has been robbing people of their dignity, yet nobody has confronted him…until today. Yes, I lost my cool on The Trash, but the drink guy and the black guy deserved to have someone in their corner. If I had just stood by and watched them be demoralized and not said anything, I would be no better than The Trash.


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