Posted by: kateraidt | September 18, 2009

40% of Americans uninsured? The truth about these numbers…

I have sold supplemental insurance for catastrophic situations (cancer, heart disease, accidents, etc…) for 6 years. I have sat down with thousands of families to discuss their insurnace needs. I have met hundreds of families who have no major medical insurace. Are these illegal immigrants? Jobless? Unqualified to be covered? NO! The most common reason I have found that Americans do not have health insurance is that they choose not to. I have heard the following:

“I don’t need it”
“I will just deal with a bad situation when it happens.”
“I have been healthy my whole life. I don’t think I will ever use insurance.”
“I can’t afford it.”
“I don’t believe in insurance.”
“I hate all insurance companies”
“My employer doesn’t offer insurance”
And the list goes on….

On many occasions, these people call me 6 months later and beg me to cover their family because their spouse was just diagnosed with cancer. Sorry friend, too late.

What pisses me off the most about these idiots who are walking medical bombs, is that I pay $850 per month to cover my family. Does it really cost the health care system $850 per month to cover us? Of course not. I am paying for my family plus 5 other families who don’t believe in health insurance who stumble into the emergency room after us.

For the folks who say their employer doesn’t offer insurance, have you ever heard of INDIVIDUAL POLICIES? I don’t work for a company either who offers health care, but I have my family covered. Make some phone calls, you will find it.

For those who don’t believe in insurance…I dare you to make that statement again when your wife is undergoing 3 months of chemotherapy treatment – each which cost about $12,000 a piece. You’re gonna pay that out of your own pocket? Better put your house on the market and start buying lottery tickets!

So to all the news sources who are constantly quoting how many uninsured Americans there are, please state the truth: “40% of Americans have no health insurance – HALF OF WHICH CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE IT.”



  1. In my area, the Median income hovers around the poverty level of 14,000. Your 800 / month, which would apply here also, would be 9600 a year, leaving them 366 / month to live on: rent, groceries, car, clothes.

    Most people don’t “choose” to not buy health insurance. The choice is made for them because they simply cannot afford it.

    No one should die because they cannot afford health insurance. No one should go bankrupt because they get sick.

    • Hi david, Thanks for your reply. I totally agree with you on how nobody should ever go bankrupt because they go sick. The people I am referring to who say “I can’t afford it” are people who have middle to upper income earners who CAN afford it – they just choose to buy a fancy home, motor bikes, junk for their kids instead. I should have clarified.

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