Posted by: kateraidt | August 15, 2009

Language Learning – WARNING To Those Learning German!

This is Opa

This is Opa

I am headed to Germany on Wednesday so I have been brushing up on my German. I’m having vivid fashbacks about the “incident” that happened last year when I was practicing my rusty German on my father-in-law (we call him Opa). Opa, Oma and the entire German gang were in town visiting after our baby was born. They were all helping change diapers and clean baby bottles. One afternoon Opa was cleaning bottles and I asked him, “Opa, hast du steife?” (Opa, do you have soap?).

The German gang spit their drinks across the kitchen they were laughing so hard. My husband said, “What did you just say?”

“I just asked Opa if he has any soap…hast du steife.”

My husband, barely breathing, said “Kate, seife means soap. Steife means hard-on. You just asked Opa if he has a hard-on!”

What a difference a “T” makes!

By the way, this was 2 days after the Baby Monitor incident (see post below). I’m sure my in-laws think I’m a geile schlampe (no translation provided).


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