Posted by: kateraidt | August 8, 2009

P is for…PENIS

I have learned from many professionals the importance of teaching my children the real names of body parts, the bird and the bees, etc…Well my daughter Conley and her baby brother started taking baths together a few months ago. On initiation night, Conley gasped, “Eeww, what’s wrong with Bodie’s koochie? Eewwww it looks weird, mommy.”

“First, it’s not a koochie. It’s called a penis.” I said matter-of-factly.

“A benis?”

“No honey. A penis. P-E-N-I-S. With a “P”. Oh, and by the way, your girly part is not called a koochie anymore. It is called a vagina.”

“A bagina?”

“No. A vagina. V-A-G-I-N-A. Va, va…with a V.”

Well, fast forward to last week when I was picking up Conley from school. The teacher informed me that the letter of the week was “P”. When she asked the class, “Does anyone know a word that starts with P?”, Conley beamed with great pride, “I know a word that starts with P… PENIS!”

Typically the kids are supposed to bring to school the following day something from home that starts with the letter-of-the-week. Now that I think about it, the teacher mysteriously skipped show-and-tell that week.

I think we are going to be out of the country when the letter-of-the-week is “V”.


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